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Spring 2024

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 A 4 Month Program designed by
Madi Murphy.

Learn the 12 archetypes to unleash your cosmic power and soul's purpose using astrology, spirituality, mindset tools, integrated leadership, and community. Get the support you need to show up as your most brilliant and bold self! 

3 Months of cosmic guidance to launch your product / offering. 

Coaching and Q&A Calls 

Group discussion & energy with entrepreneurs and leaders


Madi Murphy is an intuitive astrologer, mystic mentor, spiritual entrepreneur, no-bullsh*t baddie... and she wants to help you align with highest and hottest self.
Tune in weekly to CosmicRx Radio as cosmic consultant and co-founder of CosmicRx Radio Madi Murphy combines her spiritual teachings with practical, actionable steps dive deep into topics like astrology, mindset magic, social change, empowered living and conscious leadership- usually with a dash of pop culture and humor thrown in.

Join tens of thousands of other Cosmic Baddies to get your weekly astro weather aka "energy report” to empower you for the week ahead. Or listen as Madi interviews other change-makers and thought leaders to gain insight on their journey while providing you with tools to fuel your personal evolution… and revolution!